Make Your Place Cool and Comfortable with Polaire Portable Air Cooler

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  • EFFECTIVE COOLING – It can easily and quickly cool a room of up to 20 square meters. The Polaire Air Cooler has a 500ml water tank that it is enough for 8 hours of cooling without a refill.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO MOVE – It is very small in size, so you can move it around your house as you want. Furthermore, you can take it with you on vacation, while being outside on the nature or even use it inside your car.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – As it uses a very simple mechanism, it is easy to maintain. It just needs water to work so it is eco friendly.
  • KEEPS YOU COOL SAFELY – Air chilled by the Polaire is mild and offers favorable relief from the summer warmth by muggifying the arid air. On the other hand, synthetic refrigerants used by air conditioners can serve the temperatures way beneath average, which is not suitable for you.
  • SAVES A LOT OF POWER – This innovative device utilizes very small amounts of power and therefore saves on your electricity bills as well. It just uses 10watts of power.
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What Are We Talking About?

In the sweltering summer, making your place cool, is all you want to keep yourself calm and fresh. To beat the heat, we present you the most effective and Eco-friendly solution, the Polaire Portable Air Cooler. It provides you with instant cool air. It has a simple cooling mechanism as it uses water evaporation to cool down the warm air. It has a dust filter which purifies the air. The primary use of this device is to cool the room you have placed it quickly. With a lot of customers already convinced the Polaire is utilized in commercial kitchens, industries, laundries, dry cleaners, construction sites etc.

The Polaire helps to cool down the warm air in a room with the help of cool water. It cools the misty air in a room by supplementing water to the air. The water is supplemented in a sort of minute droplets. The Polaire Air Cooler has a innovative fan fitted in it that draws the hot air from outside by a water-dampened filter medium. The water in it is dissipated by the hot air drawn by the fan. The dissipated water releases in the room or the place you have placed it. This results to temperature decrease quickly in rooms up to 20 square meters.

What Makes Polaire so Special?

This portable air cooler is more efficient than normal air condition units and has a lot of advantages over them. It does not use a compressor and it is completely Freon free. But it gives you the same cool air. The Polaire cools the misty air by vaporizing the water of the tank. Having all the qualities an ideal portable air cooler can have, makes it worthy of being a value for your money type of device. It is Eco-friendly as it uses a natural process to provide you with the fresh air.

It also recycles the indoor air using the cross-ventilation process. In contrast, air conditioners only salvage the ambient air, which may raise the number of pollutants existing in an indoor environment. It is power-efficient and is cheap to have and maintain. It also occurs with dust filters to refine dust and rubble from the incoming air. The filter of Polaire is washable reusable. The fan has 3 different speeds and it is using Rapid Cooling Technology that instantly cools the air from the moment you switch on the device. In top of that it is ultra-quiet so you can use it while sleeping.

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Conclusion: Is Polaire Worth Buying?

Are you still asking for it? That’s not even a question. Absolutely! Go for it. As it reduces the use of electricity and not only preserve the expense of the users but also preserve the usage of electricity. No doubt Polaire Air Cooler is a proper alternative to a compressor-based cooler or air conditioner. The hindrance of Polaire is that it raises humidity which can be sufficed by using oblique evaporative cooling. Its usage has a lot of benefits for you and the whole family.

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“I am so happy to buy this product. I am living in an area where the humidity is low, so this air cooler serves best for me. It gives fresh and cold air, which is just needed when you are sweaty. It also has a seven color led light that adds style to my room. I would surely recommend it. “

“Geat Value for Money It Does What Its Supposed to…” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This portable air cooler is exactly what I was looking for. I am amazingly happy with my investment. It is the perfect small humidifier/fan/purifier. While it is small and low in noise, it has a significant effect. Using it all day long and enjoying it. I would surely buy another one for my friend. “

“Cool Breeze on the Hot Summer Days…” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Buying this product in this blazing and sizzling summer was one of the best choices I have made. It has probably been a top buy for me because I am the person who likes to sleep cold, so having it on my bedside table serves my purpose. It is as perfect as I saw it when ordering. It is cost-efficient and effective. Serves best for me. Thank you! “

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